About Us

Raleigh Classic Car Auctions is proud to offer some of the most desirable and collectible vintage automobiles nationwide. Many of our lots are low mileage, unrestored vehicles in original, mint condition and many include an extensive service history. You can find muscle cars like the Shelby Cobra, Chevrolet Corvette & Camaro SS, Ford Mustang, Dodge and Plymouth MOPAR models, Pontiac GTO, and many more. We strive to provide discerning investors in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Greensboro, and Charlotte areas with sound vehicles and a simple bidding process.

We are proud to offer rare and classic brands like Auburn, Studebaker, Duisenberg, Cord, Jaguar, Mini, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Mercury, and many more. Our staff is passionate about connecting discerning investors and enthusiasts in the Southeast with their dream automobiles. Our team of classic-car aficionados understands the importance of finding the perfect match between buyer and car, and we are here to assist in that process in any way possible.